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Bhutan & Nepal

We have arranged a number of successful private holidays to Bhutan and Nepal for our clients.

"Arrived home safe and well and had a wonderful holiday in Nepal and Bhutan"

Michael and Eileen

"Thank you so much for your help arranging this holiday - we had a fantastic trip."


Working closely with our associates in Bhutan, we take care of all aspects of arranging your Bhutan tour, including visas, flights with the national carrier, Druk Air, and advice on what to wear and take with you, etc.

Tiger's Nest monastery, Bhutan.

Bhutan tours normally start and finish with overnight stays in Delhi, or Kathmandu, Nepal to allow for co-ordination with the country's only airline.

Holidays shown here are only a guide, and every holidays can be tailored to your interests and dates of travel.

Why not Combine a Bhutan Tour with a Holiday in Nepal or India? There are regular flights from Kathmandu & Delhi.

Festival dance, Bhutan.

Tours of Bhutan

Bhutan, known to the Bhutanese as Drukyul, the land of the Thunder Dragon, is truly another world.

In this unique and hidden Kingdom of Bhutan, where Guru Rinpoche once flew in on the back of a tigress, you will feel the breath of mysteries and powers which still prevails. If there is magic left in this world, Bhutan is where you will find it.

Roughly the size of Switzerland, this tiny Himalayan Kingdom lies between India and China. Its spectacularly diverse landscape, culture and biodiversity remain virtually unchanged by the passage of the centuries.

Bhutan has a National Policy for a minimum tariff/per day tourist rate. The Royal Government has adopted a very cautious approach to the development of tourism in an effort to avoid the negative impacts of tourism on their culture and pristine environment. All tourists must travel on a pre-planned, prepaid, guided package tour, or custom travel program. Tourism supports the Kingdom of Bhutan and its citizens as a portion of all tourist fees goes directly to the government.

A Journey across the Kingdom - 13 Days

Experience Bhutan through its whole length as you drive from west to central valleys and to the far remote East. The trip includes varieties of experiences, starting out by car from Paro your journey east through the Bhutanese Capital of Thimphu and then the picturesque valleys of Punakha, Phobjikha and Trongsa.

You will spend a couple of days in the spectacular valley of Bumthang, hiking around the valley visiting the sacred and ancient old temples that dot the valley, and take excursions to villages.

We continue another day of driving to Mongar through the lush pristine forest, spectacular waterfalls and medieval villages.

From Mongar, we will have a day excursion to Lhuntse, the ancestral home of Bhutan’s Royal Family, and then to Trashigang and finally to the plains of Bhutan and to Gauhati in India to catch up your onward flight to Delhi or Kolkata. More...

Jomolhari Trek - 12 Days

This Tour to Bhutan has been organized to give trekkers access to enjoy the taste of the great variety of Bhutanese landscape with breathtaking views of mountains and valleys beneath from some of the major passes that we come across but in order to reach them we’ll have to pass through several other habitats including some of the finest woodland remaining in the Himalaya.

It gives you a chance to meet people, enjoy the pristine forest with rare glimpse of wildlife and observe the ancient old traditions of arts and crafts as we travel through the less frequented areas of Bhutan. More...

Walking in Bhutan.

Walking Above the Clouds - 11 Days

The hikes that we have in this program will take you through the wilderness to the isolated temples and monasteries, remote and peaceful villages, and to high passes along the ancient mule tracks with breathtaking mountain sceneries that are accessible only on foot.

These Bhutan excursions have exclusive access to some hikes where you are not likely to come across any other explorers.

We offer eco-tourists and wildlife admirers the wonderful opportunity to explore nature in its pristine state. No doubt! This is an ultimate choice to see Bhutan at its best. More...

Juniper Trail - 9 Days

This itinerary offers an in-depth experience of Bhutan combining a short trek with a diverse insight into the country’s culture; which makes this such a fascinating place to visit.

The proposed trek is an absolute gem as it unfolds spectacular landscapes and takes you off the beaten path. Our guides were the first people to research the route in 2006 and were fortunate enough to discover an absolute classic. They also had the honor of naming it - The Juniper Trail. The local guides now consider this to be the best short trek in Bhutan, offering rewards normally reserved for much longer itineraries in the high Himalaya.

In the lower valleys, the landscapes of Paro and Thimphu are dominated by striking dzongs or monasteries which are visually spectacular and truly fascinating places to visit. More...

Dzong Fortress, Bhutan.

A Glimpse of Bhutan - 5 Days

A Glimpse of Bhutan is an ideal way to experience the glory and the myth of this Himalayan Kingdom at its most magnificent – a perfect blend of culture and nature exploration.

It gives you a chance to meet people, enjoy the pristine forest with rare glimpse of wildlife and observe the ancient old traditions of arts and crafts while traveling through the less frequented areas of Bhutan. More...Nepal has much to offer the tourist. Natural beauty, Himalayan views, culture and traditions, historical monuments, art and architecture, Hindu temples, Buddhist stupas and monasteries, its people and rites, myths and mysteries - all are a part of the daily life of the people of Nepal.

Kathmandu is the first arrival point for most visitors. Mountains surround the valley and it is divided into three major cities - Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur.

These were once three different kingdoms and to this day they retain their own rich artistic styles and traditions.

Out of the valley there are also many other beautiful unexplored destinations, and sightseeing packages are available for several of them. More...

Nepal Tours

Annapurna area

Kathmandu City Tour - 3 Days

Covering Pashupatinath Hindu Temple, Buddhanath Buddhist Temple, Shyambunath Buddhist Temple (Monkey Temple), Kathmandu Durbar Square, the Living goddess Kumari, and Patan, the mediaeval royal capital.

We ensure that you leave Kathmandu with cherishing memory and an experience of a lifetime. Includes two night's accommodation on a twin sharing B/B basis at Radisson Hotel Kathmandu, services of qualified local guides, plus arrival, departure & sight seeing by car. More...

Nature, Adventure & Wildlife - 14 Days

This low altitude trek in the Annapurna a foothill is specially devised for families.

We include time in the traditional villages. At each campsite you can join our crew and the villagers in dancing, singing.

There is also time to visit the local schools and markets where cultural horizons are so different from our own. During the trek you get to witness magnificent oak and rhododendron forests as you ascend to alpine meadows that afford spectacular views of the Annapurna Range, during jungle safaris in Chitwan National Park and ride atop elephants in search of rhino and the Bengal tiger. More...

NepalHoneymoon Package Tour in Nepal - 9 Days

If you are just engaged and looking for a honeymoon trip. Nepal is an idea place for you. One of the most fun parts about getting married is to plan a honeymoon trip of a life time. The country is not only known for being a land of colourful cultures, ancient history, legendary of Sherpa and world's tallest mountains but also a popular destination for honeymoons as well.

This tour includes famous destinations of Nepal. You will be given the chance to explore around the colourful cultures and ancient history, the most romantic, breathtaking sceneries, unforgettable moments with Nepal wildlife and floral forests, raging rivers and views of the majestic Himalayas.

Experienced guides help you make your honeymoon vacation enjoyable and memorable in every aspect of the tour. - More...

Enquiry ButtonThe cost of your holiday depends on a wide range of variable factors - including accommodation requirements, international flights, number in party etc. We wil be delighted to supply you with a precise quotation and any further information you require. Click Here...

If you don't see the holiday you require, please let us know! The majority of holidays we sell are tailored to customers' requirements, and we can usually create a bespoke itinerary that will fit in with your needs.

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